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New Year, New Outlook

As a child, celebrating Christmas seemed infinite. It was taken for granted that the same people would be celebrating year-after-year. Time changes this outlook. Siblings grow up and move away, starting families of their own and creating new traditions. Divorce … Continue reading

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Picking Sides

My soon-to-be ex-husband was helping me paint the outside of our house in preparation for putting it on the market.  I noticed that the neighbors across the street were chatting with him and pointedly ignoring me. When they left, I … Continue reading

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“Boo” Who?

Fans began to “boo” as the Minnesota Twins shortstop, Carlos Correa walked up to the plate at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. “Cheater” rang out as Correa made contact with the ball and successfully landed on base. Some fans … Continue reading

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Enabling the Entitled

My adult driving record appears to be a sterling example of an upstanding citizen.  It doesn’t reflect the dozen or so times of being pulled over for: struggling to drive the recommended speed; periodic taillight outages; occasionally sliding through a … Continue reading

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Trophy Coach

  Minnesota is a brutal state. The winters bring subzero wind chills that can freeze exposed skin shortly after walking out the front door. Summer heat and humidity makes it difficult to breathe just strolling down the driveway to the … Continue reading

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The following essay was previously published in the Prairie Progressive.  Three feral cats have adopted our backyard natural habitat. One is an old tiger-striped tom that’s been wandering the neighborhood for years. The other two showed up last summer as … Continue reading

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