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Primary issues in which Fawkes-Lee & Ryan are involved

Life’s a drag

A popular critique of current times involves the controversy of drag shows. There are actually proposed laws, rules, and regulations to prevent children from seeing a man or woman in drag. We’ve all seen the memes of Flip Wilson, Bob … Continue reading

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Nailed It

Al Johanson stormed into Leonard Bartson’s law office and shouted, “I need to sue my neighbor!” “Calm down, Al, calm down,” Bartson gently replied with his hands held up. It was a warm spring day in 1885. The doors and … Continue reading

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Death Penalty Bill Moving in Iowa

Update on Senate File 14  A subcommittee meeting on Iowa Senate File 14 will be held this week on Wednesday, February 15, at 1:00 pm in Room 315 of the Iowa Capitol. Senate File 14, if enacted the bill would … Continue reading

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Why I dislike constitutional amendments

There have been seventeen amendments to the Iowa Constitution since I have been able to vote. There is one pending, and three proposals have passed the first of two successive general assemblies, which is required before qualified Iowa voters approve … Continue reading

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“Boo” Who?

Fans began to “boo” as the Minnesota Twins shortstop, Carlos Correa walked up to the plate at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. “Cheater” rang out as Correa made contact with the ball and successfully landed on base. Some fans … Continue reading

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Pigs, Poker, and Prisons

Rev. Carlos Jayne, 1935-2022 RIP As he lived, he died – fighting authority! Legendary NFL Coach Bill Parcells said that “A friend’s someone that knows all about you and likes you anyway.” Carlos and I liked each other, even though … Continue reading

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