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Primary issues in which Fawkes-Lee & Ryan are involved

The Grace of God

The Des Moines River flows about a third of a mile east of our house. Between the house and the river is a street, a recreational trail, and a levee. On the other side of the levee is a housing … Continue reading

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Pissed as a Peacock!

Decades ago, I would sit down in front of the television set at 5:30 pm (Central time) and watch national news, followed by local news. It wasn’t really local; the local channel came out of Omaha – 80 miles away. … Continue reading

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For What It’s Worth

The topic of professional baseball salaries came up in discussion in a bar one sunny afternoon in 1980. One person at the table was rigid in his opinion that no professional athlete is worth a million dollars. In November of … Continue reading

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A New Era of Union Leadership

Today’s labor unions are not the violent mobs of the past. Compared to present corporate America, labor unions are docile. There are far more recorded incidents of illegal and unethical practices by American corporations, such as tax evasion, price fixing, … Continue reading

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The Vail Marauders

We were called The Vail Marauders. We didn’t coin that name. Two old men sitting on a bench outside of a bar watched a few of us Vail kids walk across the street. One said to the other: “There goes … Continue reading

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The Cost of Doing Business

“The punishment should fit the crime” is a cliché that was popular years ago, but seems to have disappeared from today’s conversations on justice. Usually, a penalty is attached to the creation of a new law, but occasionally it’s either … Continue reading

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