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In keeping with the mission of Fawkes-Lee & Ryan, we offer the following products and services:


Legislative Services

Research & Writing

Speakers & Workshops

Contract Lobbying:  A temporary agreement to represent either a group’s or individual’s interests and proposals to legislators and other government officials during a legislative session or for a contractually arranged period of time.

Contract Legislative Monitoring: A temporary agreement to monitor and report broad issues or specific legislation for a group or individual without lobbying for or against a matter.

Legislative Updates:  A tracking service for reporting progress or defeat of legislative bills.

Legislative Alerts:  An email alert system to notify members to contact their legislators regarding the need to vote in favor or against proposed legislation.

Legislative Training:  A workshop format to educate and inspire participation in the legislative process.

Blogs:  Short writings to educate people on specific issues, usually based on opinion.

Articles:  Longer product either based in research or observation.

Newsletter:  Periodic reporting for email distribution based in shared interests.

Legislative Writing:  Proposed legislation for introduction during the legislative session.

Legislative Research:  In-depth research edited down to a one page “talking points” product to be used to lobby or defeat proposed legislation.

Research:  Issue based investigation to disseminate history and outcome of specific topics.

Speaking:  Extensive experience as keynote speakers based on our issues

Workshops: Moderate a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion on a particular subject.

Please note the following:

  •  Contracted costs are competitive.
  • The first hour is free.
  • Please contact us to better address your individual needs.
  • We offer a sliding-fee scale for organizations demonstrating financial need.

It is our goal to support you in reaching your goals.