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Chuck’s House Party

Last week, I read in the Vail Observer that Rev. Victor Rehmaeker died at the age of 85.  I have a couple of memorable moments that involve both my mother and Father Rehmaeker (RAY-maker). The last incident first.  When my … Continue reading

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Midnight Saving Time

The town of Vail, Iowa, has a population of fewer than 500 residents.  Nonetheless, it has a swimming pool.  It’s not a publicly-owned government pool, but a community pool ran by community activists and volunteers which has been in existence … Continue reading

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The Green Latrine

When I was 19-years-old, I purchased a 1954 Ford 2-door station wagon from Tom & Brian Dieter.  They had nicknamed it “The Green Latrine”.  The entire wagon was green – a green I can’t describe.  It may have been close … Continue reading

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