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Flaws in the Laws: Part IV – Disturbing the Peace

I may have retired from lobbying the Iowa Legislature – or, excuse me, lobbying legislators at the Iowa Legislature, but every once in a while, I peek at a bill that has a subject matter appealing to my interest.  House … Continue reading

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Enhancing Minority Disproportionate Incarceration Rates In Iowa

A minority impact statement is a significant portion of a fiscal note prepared by the nonpartisan Fiscal Division of the Iowa Legislative Services Agency.  In cooperation with the Division of Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning of the Department of Human … Continue reading

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Anderson v. State

Anderson’s probation was revoked after a naked 16-year-old girl was found under a bed in his home. Continue reading

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Driving Young Adults Out Of Iowa

Some members of the Iowa House are determined to make all children look alike. Continue reading

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Another Election Issue to Consider

If our tax dollars go to nonprofit organizations that are formed and ran by government, it makes sense that those particular non-profits should be subjected to the transparency we all expect from governmental bodies. Continue reading

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