I Vote For The Person

“I vote for the person.”  How many times have you heard that?  How many times have you said it yourself?  Unfortunately, this statement is a thing of the past.  No matter how many times you think you’re voting for the best candidate, you’re probably voting for the best marketer.

 Lately, I’ve read with interest some of the statements and seen some of the antics that are occurring during this pre-caucus season.  For instance, presidential candidate Gary Johnson, a former New Mexico governor, wants to legalize marijuana.  Sounds good to those who literally want to take the high road, but let’s face it, he would have to get Congress to pass legislation before he could approve it.  That’s not realistic.

President Obama offered change, but as you can see, change is hard to come by when you’re acting alone.  You can lead, but you can’t create an action unless you have a willingness of others to go along.  This is where so many people get taken in and believe that they have been deceived by a candidate.  Most often, the candidate has been deceived by the business.

Yes, politics is a business.  And it’s no longer a small business.  The money that is raised to win an election is only the tip of the business plan.  Like a multi-national company, those at the top make all the decisions. So, when you vote for the person, you’re really voting for the message that the people in leadership positions have concluded will be the issue(s) in an election.  Everything else is a marketing message. 

So the next time you think you’re voting for a person with great ideas and ideals, you might want to check to see how true that candidate is to her/his party politics.  In any case, don’t throw your vote away by not voting. 

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  1. Brian L. Millard says:

    How true. Thanks for the blog.

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