We’re Wearing Masks As Much As Possible

Why everyone should consider wearing face masks all the time:

Women only need eye makeup

Men don’t need to shave

It will cover up bad breath

You won’t be able to pick your nose

You might not be recognized by a person with whom you don’t want a conversation

It keeps your face warm in cold weather

People will take you seriously when you warn them “you should not get too close to me.”

Your zits and other blemishes will be hidden

You may look better if a tooth is missing

Cooties and COVID will not fly up your nose

No one will know if you have a cold sore

A mask will prevent anyone from focusing on crusty nose hairs

Chapped lips will be protected from the cold and wind, and will not be exposed to gossips

You can blame masks for having your ears stick out

Someone will not be able to give you an unwanted or surprise kiss

You can show support for your favorite sports team right out front with a mask bearing the team’s logo/emblem

A pasty complexion is masked – literally

Prevents frostbite when skiing or sledding in the winter

Masks are generally free at some establishments if you don’t have one

But the most important reason of all – you will not be subjected to facial recognition programs

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  1. Carlos Jayne says:

    You convinced me.

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