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Fairness goes beyond Due Process, but Due Process is an element.

There is No Vaccine Mandate

The Sixth United States Circuit Court of Appeals published an opinion last month upholding the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), issued by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), requiring businesses with more than 100 employees to implement what many are … Continue reading

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The following essay was previously published in the Prairie Progressive.  Three feral cats have adopted our backyard natural habitat. One is an old tiger-striped tom that’s been wandering the neighborhood for years. The other two showed up last summer as … Continue reading

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Pissed Off

A private sector employee from Iowa goes across the border on a Friday after work to Illinois and his friends ask if he wants a hit off a blunt.  He takes a hit and thinks nothing of it.  Recreational use … Continue reading

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When I was child in St. Ann’s Grade School, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was running to become the President of the United States.  JFK was a Catholic, just like Joe Biden.  The nuns, the priests, and most Catholics I knew got … Continue reading

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A Taxing Dilemma

Saturday and Sunday, August 7th and 8th, is the tax-fee weekend in Iowa for purchases of clothing and footwear.  What that means is that there is no addition of sales tax, state or local, on purchases of certain cloths or … Continue reading

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What IS the Age of Maturity?

A recent question in CityView, a Des Moines alternative newspaper, asked readers: “Should the minimum age to purchase tobacco products be raised to 21 in Iowa?”  All sorts of answers ensued.  One reader said tobacco should be outlawed and marijuana … Continue reading

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