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Hey, Joe! Where you going with that gun in your hand?

WARNING!  Do not read this while eating! After writing about one of my favorite watering holes when I was younger, I had a few people ask me to write to about Homer’s brother, Joe.  I blogged about Joe’s brother, Homer, … Continue reading

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Wintertime Fun in Vail

We’re getting more snow.  The previous blast of snow and cold air a few weeks ago, left branches covered with wet, heavy snow, and very slick streets.  Once again, this month, I am reminded of living as an adolescent in … Continue reading

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Big Yellow Taxi

When I was a child, our home had a row of American elm trees separating our property from our neighbor to the south.  I climbed one of those trees so often that I could get to a branch 20 feet … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2020

This year, on Memorial Day, I reminisced about Memorial Days past.  It used to be a huge day of drinking for me and my American Legion comrades of the 1970s and 1980s.  I don’t miss them – the days of … Continue reading

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“Thank you, sir”

Vail is a small community in west-central Iowa. It’s also a ski resort in Colorado. But I grew up in the Iowa version. One thing both communities have in common is a swimming pool. However, Vail, Colorado has ten times … Continue reading

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Jumping Off Perfectly Good Bridges

Kids used to break legs and arms all the time. It was like wearing a plaque, a medal, or a trophy. Continue reading

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