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The Government Makes A Lousy Babysitter

This matter should have been dealt with in a court of equity. Continue reading

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Marijuana Testimony

On Thursday, January 31, 2013, Stephanie Fawkes-Lee of Fawkes-Lee & Ryan presented the following testimony before the Iowa House of Representatives Public Safety Committee subcommittee on House Study Bill 52, an act ‚Äúrelating to the controlled substance of marijuana, providing … Continue reading

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Jumping Off Perfectly Good Bridges

Kids used to break legs and arms all the time. It was like wearing a plaque, a medal, or a trophy. Continue reading

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Lobby for Youth

Our prisons would not be housing so many offenders if not for the inconsistent laws and policies that have been cast. Continue reading

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Time to cut the strings

The CBCs must depend upon the DOC efforts at the Capitol to gain anything beyond federal funding. Does anyone see a conflict of interest here?
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