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This Year’s Missing Argument

The lack of proving who’s tougher on crime this election cycle might indicate that Iowa has passed all the laws necessary to deal with every crime imaginable, or that Iowa’s punishments for crimes are just, or perhaps all the nasty perpetrators are locked up and can no longer offend society. Continue reading

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Fawkes-Lee & Ryan Opposes Capital Punishment

The death penalty is a gruesome means of punishment that has outlived its place in today’s jurisprudence. Continue reading

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Suicide by Cop

Shoot to kill is the mantra of modern day law enforcement. Continue reading

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Substance Abuse and Alcoholism

An Introduction to a Fawkes-Lee & Ryan Position Substance abuse and alcoholism are the underlying issues for many of society’s problems. As an addict or alcoholic continues to use, the ability to attain gainful employment diminishes. More employers are subjecting … Continue reading

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