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Taxing Road Trips

When my children were young, we took road trips around Iowa. Gas was cheap—about 89.9 cents a gallon, so it was an inexpensive way for a single mother on a fixed income to give her children mini vacations.   We went … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Death Penalty

Politicians should stop the practice of victimizing victims. Continue reading

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Drug Control Policy

Why do people including “educated” people still choose to use and abuse drugs and alcohol? Continue reading

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Trickle Down Education

For the life of me I can’t figure out how anyone with an ounce of compassion would think that labeling a child with a mental disorder is a good idea. Continue reading

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Screens Work Both Ways

My mother didn’t believe in preschool.  So, instead of participating in graham crackers and milk—followed by naptime, my days at age three to four were spent sitting in on adult meetings.  I started out quietly reciting my ABC’s at the … Continue reading

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About Those Jobs

Has it become the job of the Iowa Secretary of State to screen voters instead of register them? Continue reading

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