Labor Pains

webeagleA stressful birth negatively impacts a child’s educational experience.  One of the schools I visited when looking for an alternative school for my son sincerely supported this belief.  And there may be some truth to this conviction.  If nothing else, common sense should dictate that creating a happy and supportive birthing experience is a great goal.

Recently, the Iowa Board of Corrections (IBOC) attempted to support a positive birthing experience for pregnant women in a correctional environment.  The board voted unanimously to introduce legislation during this upcoming session restricting the use of shackles during labor and to have a female correctional officer present versus a male officer during the labor. There should have been no controversy over this bill.  After all, what group or entity would not support a safe and healthy start to an innocent new life?

Well, the Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller, intervened stating that since the use of shackles during labor was part of a confidential policy that even the IBOC wasn’t privy to, the department could not introduce this legislative bill because of anticipated future lawsuits.  A red flag is now flying high. Should government bodies have confidential policies that even the board appointed for oversight is not allowed to see?  And is this just on shackling at birth or are there other confidential policies shrouding reproductive rights for women?  Given the current budget restrictions, would it make more sense for incarcerated women to be pressured to abort the child instead of burdening taxpayers with the medical cost of prenatal care and delivery?  I have no idea.  Apparently these policies are confidential.

My family recently celebrated the birth of Jesus (where there was no room at the inn and the birth took place in a stable), not an ideal or stress free experience.  And the response from the governing body at that time was to go out and kill little boys who were less than two years of age out of fear of losing political power.  And that is the problem when government wrongfully enacts hidden policies with secret agendas, many times the innocent suffer the most.

So instead of waiting for the attorney general’s anticipated lawsuit from this hidden policy, why not let the sunshine in and bring the policy out in the open for discussion and improvement.  It would be a shame to lose an innocent life during the birthing process due to an unnecessary secretive policy.

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