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No Place To Go

We continue to battle the age-old argument, “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.” Continue reading

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Shackled Speech

Acceptance can be a very bitter pill to swallow.  But I fear that it will take the unnecessary death of an unborn child before members of the Iowa Legislature will seriously consider passing meaningful legislation to protect pregnant women being … Continue reading

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A Shocking Experience

One of the most difficult skills for lobbying is learning to portray a poker face when dealing with proposed legislative bills or department policies that create overwhelming feelings of injustice, disappointment and at times – sheer repugnance.  My poker face … Continue reading

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Labor Pains

Should government bodies have confidential policies that even the board appointed for oversight is not allowed to see? Continue reading

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Public Safety Concerns

Speed kills! Continue reading

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Vital Signs

Recently, my mother misjudged the last step in her garage as she navigated the path to her car in limited lighting.  Attempting to catch herself, she spun around striking the back of her head on the cement floor.  My son … Continue reading

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